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We Don't Say Cant

Kids are absolutely some of the most savvy things to walk this earth, Especially this one and every single one in his family. This was a day like many others around here. We all work together we all ride together. There isn't one of these kids that is unable or unwilling to lend a hand when it comes to chores. Grooming isn't normally a huge task, until you realize you cant reach a single wither point on anything on the place. He came up to me as frustrated as could be and told me he couldn't halter the draft mare because she was too big and he was too small! I said what I always said mostly out of Habit. "We don't do cant around here, we do CAN and we help each other" I was dead set on finishing whatever it was I had started before I fully intended to go over and help halter the horse, When just then I looked up and this is what I saw... People seem to think that I had taught him that day, that I had instilled a lesson into his life. But the reality was quite the opposite. He never could of imagined the power of what he did that day. It changed the way I do things and it changed my perception of what I am capable of doing. People make more of an impression than they ever know, so many of these things go unsaid... The mare is gone and kid is growing up, I don't see him or his siblings much anymore, but one of these days he's gonna read this, Here's to you kid, Thank you.You Are Unstoppable!

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