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Most of my tack has come from this amazing little shop. I’ve been lucky enough get some gorgeous unique pieces that are built to last. If you’re looking for honest, Alexis is your gal. She’ll find an imperfection you would never notice and point it out to make sure you know it’s there. She has also done repairs for me, like when my horse dumped me and ripped the gorgeous chinks she made for me. I’d like to say she keeps her pricing reasonable, but you’re getting more than just a product here. You’re getting a piece made with passion by someone who truly cares about getting it right so you can enjoy your gorgeous tack with confidence that it’s going to last. I have found with many things, especially horse tack, you can either have pretty or you can have quality.. with Alexis you can have both. Five stars, hands down.

Jennifer Chase


" The holster I had made fits my gun very well is high quality and comfortable."

Jake Broudus


Alexis was so great at helping me alter a halter for my spotted draft stud Shooter. He’s a big boy with a big head and nothing fit him quit right. I wanted to show him at our county fair. Alexis helped me, last month too. She also added some beautiful conchos to it. Shooter looked gorgeous that day in his halter. I’ve got a few more projects to get done and I have no doubt she will be able to handle those for me also.

Stephanie Call


I had a holster made for a B.A.H.G.
This thing is a monster and custom was the only was to go. After several prototypes and rough draft after rough draft this beast has the most amazing side holster I could ask for. Pricing is very reasonable and I can't wait to order something else.

Karianne Ormond


Great work. Thanks for your efforts in the products I have gotten from you. I really like the fact that when you were not happy with how something you making was turning out, you started over. Thanks Lexi.

John Fraser


My daughter's mare lost her eye due to a punctured cornea, an unfortunate pasture incident. Having just gone through the surgery to remove the eye, the mare would be left with a gaping eye socket and wanted to have some sort of beautiful eye patch made for my daughter and her mare so they could continue on feeling beautiful and confident. Love and Loyalty Leathers offered to take on this task and with neither of us knowing exactly what the end product would look like, I gave her my ideas and she took on all the rest! I could not be happier with the end product, it's exactly what I had in mind and even better with her beautiful leather work. My daughter and her mare are happier and more beautiful than ever! Thank you Love and Loyalty Leathers!

Tawny Rouns

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